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Summer Break: Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Fit

Tips for a Healthy Summer

School is out and the kids are ready for a much-needed summer break. Time in the sun, relaxing, playing with friends, and family activities are sure to start filling up your calendar quickly. As your schedule becomes busier and you adjust to having the kids home all day, it can be easy to fall into some unhealthy habits.

Keep the whole family happy, healthy, and fit this summer with these tips.

Get Moving

While occasional time spent relaxing on the couch and on devices is great, it is important to encourage your children to get up and get moving. This could be as simple as playing tag in the yard or going for a bike ride. For a more routine route, look for programs at local parks and community centers. Many of these programs are affordable or completely free, get your child exercising, and allow them to socialize and have fun.

Stay Hydrated

With a busy schedule, more time outdoors, and activity, it is important to keep your children hydrated this season. While amounts vary by age, your child should be drinking between 4-8 cups of water per day in order to stay properly hydrated.

Encourage your children to drink up all day long!

Eat Well

One of our best summer health tips is to stock up on healthy snacks. While in school, children have regularly scheduled meal times they stick to every day. During the summer, kids are more likely to seek out snacks due to boredom or a change in their schedule.

Keep a good stash of fruits, granola bars, yogurt, and veggies to have at the ready come snack time. This will keep the kids satisfied while avoiding excessive unhealthy treats throughout the day.

Urgent Care in Houston

If your child takes a tumble on the playground, is experiencing dehydration, or is in need of urgent care, Gemini Urgent Care is here for you this summer. To learn more about our services or help with any questions, contact our team today: (281) 572-5505