girl in mask going to school

Back to School Health Tips

Helping Your Child Have a Healthy School Year

There are plenty of new and exciting things for your child to learn at school this year — but before they get there, make sure you work through these tips to ensure they remain safe and healthy:

Follow Your School’s Guidelines

With the COVID-19 pandemic still underway and changing daily, it’s important to stay up to date on any changes in your school’s policy. Be sure to know how your school will enforce masks and social distancing between children, and know where to look in the event of an update.

Manage Allergies and Other Conditions

Whether your child is moving up to a new school or is returning to the classroom after learning virtually, now is a good time to update their medical history at school. Make sure to provide your school with medication in the event of an emergency, such as an EpiPen, inhaler, or insulin.

While you’re updating your little one’s medical history, you should also make sure your emergency contacts are up to date as well.

Brush Up on Hygiene Habits

From washing their hands to avoiding sharing snacks with their friends, take some time before the school bus arrives to go over hygiene tips with your little one. These habits will help keep them and their peers safe and healthy throughout the school year.

Get Back Into a Routine

Just like hygiene habits, it’s best to get back into the swing of things before the year starts. That means getting your child up early during the week, giving them lunch at the same time, and structuring the rest of their day similarly to if they were in the classroom with their peers. This will help your child mentally prepare to head back to school — especially if they’re used to a virtual learning routine.

Book Your Child’s Annual Physical

While there are plenty of things you can do at home to prepare your child for a new school year, one thing should always be done by your pediatrician — an annual physical! Before your little one goes back to school or starts playing sports for the season, make sure they’ve had their physical.

To book your child’s physical for just $40 or to learn more about our pediatric services here at Gemini Urgent Care, visit us online.