Prioritize Back to School Physicals

Back to school means back to the doctor! Though you may think an annual physical for your child is not as important as shopping for school supplies and filling out permission forms, it is a very important part of their overall health, and back to school is the perfect time to prioritize your child’s back to school physical.

Doctor checking the ear of the woman

Why is it so important for your kids to have an annual physical? There are many reasons, including developing a comprehensive medical history, tracking your child’s health and progress over time, addressing emotional, developmental, and/or social concerns, and having your child cleared to play school sports.

Adolescence is a critical part of growth and development in your child’s life and an annual physical can determine that your child is growing and developing at the proper rate. They can test for diabetes, monitor their heart and blood pressure, and discuss diet and exercise options with you and your child so that you can ensure your child is healthy for the new school year. In addition to preventative care, you will help your child build their medical history including their immunization records, which may come in handy if they are ever facing an illness or injury in the future. If your child is a student-athlete, it is even more imperative for your child to have a physical to assess their overall health and to discuss past injuries and how to prevent future injuries.

A physical is not only good for your child’s physical health but also their mental health. Pediatricians will discuss alcohol, drugs, and other unsafe behaviors with your teenager, and they will also be able to assess any mental troubles like depression or anxiety.

A comprehensive physical exam is a very important part of the back to school routine and it is your responsibility as the parent to make it a priority. Don’t delay your child’s physical this year—make their health your number one priority!

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